The Hero’s behind the dreams

You wake up in the morning seeing the light and the day
But what lies underneath leaves everyone with nothing to say

Although you tell every person they're probably alright
You know their days have never been bright

We block it all out by using the screens
And we start to believe it’s all just a dream

The world says they put themselves into this fight
But thanks to them we’re the ones who can sleep soundly at night

The hero’s underneath cannot lay in their beds
Since they’re stuck in the dessert laying on their bare heads

One tries to sleep while thinking about home and bitter scotch
While the other stands, eyes wide keeping watch

While everyone’s at home watching the news on their phones
The soldiers are battling a war, feeling alone

You see the things on the screens which leaves your beliefs swirled
But in reality, the people behind the news are fighting for our world

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