The hesitant silence

Never did Mulligrubs grasp the upsecure ,
When the Spiral of clock left the Orphic tone.
And boats rejected, to the wind , injure
But reality doesn't always mean what has been Shown .
Screams of halcyon from sterile conjure
At the aesthetic locks of end that have no clone .
Find the dance's cords of the misty mirror
In the Traumatized darkness of the unknown ;
And blood from turpitude is more queerer ,
When strife Fathoms the abyss that has sewn
By the laconic taciturnity that tosses that terror
In the other slob corner of the puerile foehn ,
That abut the tedium of the meditate to the horror ,
By murky eye can't the sky by stupor sown.
Scar of shock at the obstinate dilemma of error
Saying the inloxicated truth to the tired stone ,
"Alack the day ! " said the dawn of the aggressor ;
Upon the rack , yin and yang pay the pain loan .
beguil the toy's chords playing the role of guesser
Dream and regret incarnated the fraud sun has shone .

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