The Hidden Derailment

In a world of darkness, where shadows creep,
A chilling truth lies, buried deep.
"They will pay one of us," whispers the night,
"To kill one of us, to extinguish a light."

Greed fuels their hearts, twisted and cold,
They revel in power, stories untold.
For a mere price, they'll sow seeds of strife,
To betray a brother, to take a life.

But hear my words, for justice shall rise,
In the face of deceit, it will defy.
For no amount of gold can silence the truth,
And the conscience of mankind will seek to soothe.

Though they may try to hide in the abyss,
Their actions breed echoes of remorseful hiss.
For every life lost, a voice shall emerge,
Proclaiming their deeds, their sins to purge.

We are not pawns in their wicked game,
We refuse to be consumed by their flame.
United we stand, against their dark art,
With love and compassion, we'll mend every heart.

So let them pay one of us in their greed,
Their hands stained crimson, their souls to bleed.
For in the end, the truth will prevail,
And their guilt and lies, they cannot derail.

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