The Hidden Handler


"The Hidden Handler''

Man of Monarch the state of a Man who resembles one of animalistic
Loyalties hard to shake reducing the Mind becoming its own in spirit enslaved
Within its shell reaction in control.

Man becoming its own in spirituality of himself regarding the unnatural affects
The Monarch of man's influence of direction the soul that's none existent no longer able to think for itself .

The hidden handler two choices but one to follow endurance of nobility
Foreigners of Every branch unfashionable to any Region of principle
The Monarch Man slave of habits of unleashed wickedness warnings in flight

God brings to the Monarch Man the Mind of deeper expression the power of truths that begin to shape and give color to darkened blemishes ,bondage broken pointing our inadequacies followed by truth.

The Hidden Handler the Monarch Minds the land of unseen of a place in Oz, masters of Spiritual strongholds

Human Mind of the Man transforms once removed of its shell of slavery mastered by the hidden handler the preservation of self empowerment
There is a place of defending the truth inner knowing all Monarchs are the working of God

The Hidden Handler recapturing ,refashioned in beauty the body fearfully
And wonderfully made
Holding fast that which is good what is our true identity
The Handler of the Monarch beautiful even strong breaking forth the shell .

No longer hidden released in perfection beholding in power of strength
Illustrations of truth that sets all creatures free of being inhabited
The Spiritual world mirrors the physical world the Monarch Man of religion

Covers himself wings of beauty only to hide within unable to go in flight
Monarch's broken shells beholding truth no longer a mirror of shadow

The hidden handler set in the spiritual flight to destiny he was born To be

The Hidden Handler

John5:44 2cor10:17-18

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The change from earthly Man to heavenly Man