The Hidden

Time a course of hours minutes seconds and days.
No moment is the same.
Loneliness progress the pre-destined calendar of life
Sever of personal tenders
Millions of fame and fortune
bungle attempts of everlasting.
Yet....I sit
shy, incognito bud of power
in the cracks of the human passageway
stepped over...ignored
unbeautiful to scoffed iris, retina, and cornea
Never picked amongst the coveted
secular ones.
Kicked out of your heart of bitterness.
When mortar crumbles and clutches cease to exist
will thou see me now? will thou pluck me
and plant me in fertile ground
feed me by day and water me by night?
will thy weep and counsel with me?
Be an abyss of love and wanting
Till I return to the dark depths of earth?
Leaving you with memories of all you feared, desired and conquered?

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