The High Priestess

Here, returns the high priestess
Riding in on the summer wind
Shimmering like a silver seraph
She has no rival, no equal, and no twin
Her words they are poetic
She speaks them so eloquently
Each phrase is romantic and prophetic
And they all weave together like a symphony
We were well met in the meadow
I stared into her eyes, she studied my hand
I knew no more of the things of sorrow
Or the hourglasses shifting sand
All the mystic hidden secrets revealed unto me
Like a child I tried to understand
Those forbidden truths concealed entirely
To wild to hold under any command
In the balance of light and dark
I see the pillars of the mystery edifice
My sole alliance is intuition of the heart
As I step beyond the veils of awareness
Am I hearing those whispers right?
It’s so easy to overlook, and too hard to trust
I feel its presence, but it’s invisible in sight
But the synchronicities tell me I’m not lost

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