The Hill Called Calvary

He Hung The Some Time Ago
His Love For Us He Wanted To Show
No One Knows Why He Did It
But He Had His Reasons
He Wanted To Free Us From Sin
He Bled Again and Again
It Felt Like There Was No End
But He Returned
Due To His Resurrection
He Is The Way The Truth and The Life
His Loved Was Expressed On The Hill Called Calvary
He Promised Us Eternal Life
Those He Don't Except Him Will Forever Burn
He Forgave Every Little Sin
He Bled All Of His Love For Us On The Hill Called Calvary
Most Laughed and Mocked Him
But He Never Shed A Tear
He Hung There and Asked For Nothing
Because He Wanted To Prove Something
His Love For US
He Freed Us From Sin On The Hill Called Calvary

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