The Hole

I have dug my self a hole
and i fell in pretty deep
i refuse to burry myself
or climb cause the walls are to steep.
I am stuck in this hole
til my hero finds me
and i will be saved
and passionatly be free.
While i wait in the hole
i contact eyes filled with such coldness
demons are climbing around
and than fade out into the blackness.
I sit in the hole
still awaiting the one
scared out of my mind
but not yet has the evil won.
Water is filling the hole
by little sprouts of rain
but the voices have gotten violent
and they are driving me insane
I chant in the hole
to take my life full of pity
and turn into a new one
out of this dark city.
Toes touch upon water in the hole
I start to seek
as the water rises
and begins to leak.
I am free from the death hole
And still partionally alive
but im a soaked with blood and tears
and looking into suicide.
I am in the hole
as an alone dead body
who waited for their love
and whose reputation is now blotty.

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