I wonder how people can extricate between upright and those who are vile,
But unable to see the intentions behind the vile and good one’s plaster of smile!

The theory says it is easy to open up a shirt,
Practicality says it is easy breaking someone’s trust….
But taking back what’s said is hard,
At least someone is happily playing their card!

When a mouse feels fear, it dug up a mole…
We humans face fear far worse called troll!
And all this doesn’t impact anybody at all,
Just makes this heart filled with many holes!

It’s not that we are not important or not of any use,
We can be versatile and fit in anyone’s shoes!
But the reality hits hard when we get the opportunities still in dreams….
It becomes hard to accept the challenge and easy to refuse!

Everyone wants to get fair skin so goes for bleach,
Somebody misbehaves then there are elders always having lessons to teach!
I want to be bad once and shout so bad but that again is a dream,
Somewhere far away I can hear a girl’s screech!

Like always everyone wants to get rid of dirt with soap,
There’s light shining somewhere becoming our hope!
Yippee! That’s why I would become positive forgiving everyone today,
That’s all never happening…. never…. nope!

But can we try because it’s too much negativity,
Let’s forget everything and move on because it’s too easy!
We will speak up and shut all the insecurities born,
But the reality hits hard again and the heart still remains torn!

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This Poems Story

This poem is about the racism, insecurity, bullying, peer pressure, etc people face from the world and how they want to speak up and want to stop all this but is extremely hard and when they finally do so people expect them to forgive but the pain they have felt is so strong that leaves scars in their heart and difficult to forget.