The Hollow

The October night was dark and cold
As the autumn sun was going down
When I recalled the legends I had been told
About this sleepy, little town

There were tales about the haunted woods
They say the wind seems to call your name
I was going where no one should
And if I survived, I'd never be the same

I walked through the covered bridge
As the harvest moon rose into the sky
I had made it around the darkened ridge
Just as I heard a lone wolf's cry

I walked the path of the dark, gnarled thicket
Through the fallen leaves of maple and oak
I heard the chirping of a cricket
Near the hollow, where the bullfrogs croak

Then, I heard the "hoot" of an owl in a tree
And the "caw" of a raven on its perch
The headless horseman I hoped not to see
As I passed the graveyard near the church

I told myself I would be alright
Just as I heard the hooves of a horse
But, I knew I would make it home tonight
Because there are no ghosts, of course

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