The Home You Made ME

By Allie   

You were my flashlight,
Because of you, my new life is brighter than my past.
You gave me a view, of life, through a different sight,
Our love for each other grew incredibly fast.

You were never shy,
Never knew danger,
Which is why,
You never knew a stranger.

The days that I dressed you up,
And all of our tea parties,
Filled up my cup,
Of all our memories.
I wish you could see,
How very special these are to me.

My new home,
Where you still roam,
Excpets me as you did.
Your embeded in my mind,
Like a piece of foam,
Which is why a better home is hard to find.

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This Poems Story

This poem was meant to be about how cat created a safe and welcoming home for me to come to everyday. As a little girl I was in foster care so my life wasn't really the best, but when my mom adopted me, Penny (my cat) when I walked through the front door for the first time immediately welcomed me. From that moment on, Penny had made each day an adventure for me. She made me realize that not all things in life were horrible. This poem is supposed to represent that feeling I had when I was around her. It is also supposed to be in memory of Penny. Penny(2008-2017)