The Homeless In America

America,do you know me.
With a million voices I have called to you.
But you have not heard my plea.
You do not believe me, but my story is true.
I am one of the many homeless among you.

From all across this land of sweet liberty.
With it's stately mountains.
It's fertile plains that stretch from sea to shining sea.
America in all of it's majesty does not have a home for me.
I am the homeless in your sweet land of liberty.

I come from every where. From the farming communities of Minnesota.
From the bayous of the Mississippi Delta.
From the peach fields of Georgia.
I am from the big cities of America, but there's no home for me here.

I am a man,I am a teenager, I am a child, I am a woman.
My life is always in danger.
At night I sleep on a bench in the park.
I hear menacing sounds.
I awake to see ominous shadows moving in the dark.
Tired and weary, I move on.
But there's no place to go.
I wish the night away and soon it's gone.
Then tomorrow brings more of the same.
My friendless lonely life goes on.

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