The Homeless Man and his Kitty

The man walked down the dirty,
litter strewn streets.
Ritually taking three long steps,
two short, stop, repeat.
He reached into his pocket and
played with the $3.24 in
coins he managed to keep,
Distracting his mind from aching
feet and rising heat.

Today he had a purpose in his
unusual steps.
The man sought a life-lifting
prize, one to bring him from
his depths.
So, with unfamiliar, eager
He pursued the enjoyment of a
simple,friendly, nonjudgmental

He spotted the modest house at
the street’s end.
And his heart like a coin took a
surprising spin
When he saw the older, nice lady
and all her kin
And all the many dogs and cats running loose, free, unpenned.

Hey there, Son. How you doin’
Oh good. Just thought I’d come by
this way.
Well, glad you did. If you wanna
Papa’s cooking up some barbecue
and beans and taters, a real

You’re welcome to have some, but
it’s gonna take awhile.
No, thank you ma’am, he said with
a wistful smile.
But I got things I gotta do.
Uh huh, she said with wise eyes
that spoke “those things” she

Just as the man was starting to
move toward the gate,
Up bounded a little yellow kitten
From an vocal lot of eight
Purring and slikying around the
man’s legs
Saying take me with you, he begged,
as if it were fate.

Would you like to have that cat?
asked the lady looking pleased.
Well, I think it would be good
therapy for me.
Then, he’s yours, as sure as sure
can be.
That kitty is magic. You just
wait and see.

If you’re sure you don’t mind,
I’ll take him all right,
And so saying, he lifted the
kitty and held him lovingly
Thanks for the chat and for
giving me my therapy cat.
Then he moved on, and that seemed

A strange thing happened as he
moved ahead.
He didn’t walk in his ritualistic
way but normally instead.
Thank you God, he thought, for
giving me mind driven relief.
But he had other challenges to face which
had given him cavernous gaping

As he walked on, he came to an
all familiar store.p
The sign said, “ Budweiser $3.75
each or $3.00 for four.”
Taking a deep breath, feeling
strength from his cat,
He said to himself, “No, I don’t
need that.”

Proudly walking on, he tensed as
he heard a group of guys
selling their wares.
Hey, Dude, what ya doin’ over
We got somethin’ beyond compare,
Flying high, man, no cares.
Then Kitty meowed as if saying,
And the man responded by
whispering, “I won’t!”

On the bus, the man looked down
at his kitty resting peacefully,devoid
of guile,
And he embraced the vow of a
brighter future retrieving his
life from a rubbish pile.
Suddenly he thought, I’m sober,
and I know that I’m not
crazy or riled,
But I could swear my little kitty just looked at me and smiled.

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