The Honeybee Unlocks the Universe

I threw myself down in the grass like a fish tossed aground
throws himself back into water. I delighted in the splendid
dirt enveloping me, the crocuses clustering around me,
the indifferent heavens above me, the sleepy air shifting
restlessly about me like the last gulp of life.
On that late spring afternoon, I resigned myself.

I allowed the bed of grasses to become my casket,
the doomed light of the plunging sun to be my pall,
and the wind in oaks to sing my dirge. Oh, I swear
the clouds slowed in awe, and the creeping creatures
of the dirt lamented my passing
'til I sprang from my grave. Inexorably, I wandered
aimlessly yet purposefully throughout the garden
until creatures slept, and breezes ceased to whisper.
Only the honeybees in clover continued their toiling,
as stars shattered the inky canvas of nightfall.

In that dusky hour, I maintain to this day, the universe
folded back to my meadow. Every matter-strewn field was mine
to traverse, and every mystifying vacuum was pulling me in.

And still the bees hummed on, as if determined
to elude time herself. And as they danced around me,
I knew that the simplest pirouettes of honeybees
can unlock the most complex happenings of galaxies.

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