The Hood

Stroll through the hood and take a look around
Poverty, anger, crime, here they all are found - bound
Restricted by the cycle which breeds, and feeds on our youth.
And will follow them throughout their lives; here's a sad truth

In the hood I'm banging Beth, we do some meth, I lose my breath;
There's nothing left; I take to the streets and try to outrun death.
There's gold and gangs, guns and drugs, where angels fear to tread
Wrong place, wrong time and you might wind up dead

Lie and die, spy and die, cry and die, my-oh-my
Paying tolls and collecting souls, no need to wonder why
Sally got beat, now she can't eat, she's packing heat
May God forgive her if she ever sees Pete

And stay off of the path behind the old park
no one is safe there, especially after dark
Pit bulls bark, Marc's a nark
He'll sell it to you then sing like a lark.

The dead-end alley, corner bar or boarded shack,
Entering is easy but its hell turning back
My girl OD'd when her want became her need
Now I so miss Beth! She survived the hood, until her last breath.

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