The Hope for a Better Tomorrow

They come and go,
As they pretend not to know.
Their inner being just waiting,
Waiting for the moment to divulge their true meaning .
A mask revealed, to show a concealed hate.
The monster prepared to slay
All who may dare to try and stand in its way.
Throwing you down, drooling in anticipation
Of crushing your dreams before they can even hit the ground.
It all happens so fast, your eyes can barely see,
Your heart barely contract.
As your hopes lay in shambles,
And the love you shared now thrown to the brambles,
They simply laugh, disregarding the hurt,
Your body slammed back down to the cold, hard earth.
"It's where your head belongs" they say.
"No need to allow your dreams to stay."
You fall into their trap, take a step back,
And move on, at last releasing your long weakening grasp.
Do not give in. Hopes can be rebuilt,
Dreams recovered from beneath all the dark layers of silt.
Today can change. The past, be as it may,
Can never sway the love that is here to stay.
The future will never be set in stone,
But in order for it to be rewritten, it must be changed by you alone.

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