The Hourglass


Never-ending acrimony, a perpetual hell,
Or mending, understanding, only time will tell

Twenty-five years, went away, came back,
Saw right-away, the help, he did lack

“Will you take care of him, after I’m gone”
Of course, I will, for it’s what, you long

No idea, along with mom, the loss to come,
How deep, we’d separate, a terrible chasm

Checked all the laws, demanded your share,
Even though, meant, our family, you tear

His trailer, overwhelming stench, a disgusting scene,
The worst, in twenty-four years, inspector had seen

Everything, in sequence, had to be done,
Otherwise, chances, effective care, none

Evidence unnecessary, no need to show,
At least, that’s how, I thought, it would go

A call that evening, yells and screams,
Gave me, not a second -- it’s not, what it seems

Group home, you say, would be best,
Then chose to wreck, became obsessed

“Fit, the perfect profile, mass killer”, he said to me,
The extent severe, his illness, she just won’t see

Divide and conquer, that is your plan,
Pit against me, Michael and Jan

What reckless behavior, a terrible mistake,
Agony and pain, gut-wrenching, heartache

Handicapped our brother, as you hijacked control,
Our family, torn to pieces -- plus Michael, you have stole

His IRA, over $200,000, you took,
Sabotage, kidnapper, and now a crook

So much to realize, that you must understand,
Before an end, the hourglass, the pouring of the sand

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