The House with the Red Roof

The house with the red roof has
Grey skies that melt into blue;
Birds like ash that dance across the sky;
Green grass whose dew kisses my bare feet

The house with the red roof has
The rocking chair that guides me to dreamland;
Oak porches that scratch my rough feet;
Wind that whispers secrets of the sky in my ear

The house with the red roof has
The bright yellow sun that turns my skin gold;
The quilted blanket that holds me when they sky turns black;
Large diamonds in the sky that send light through my windows

The house with the red roof is my home

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This Poems Story

My inspiration for my poem "The House with the Red Roof" came simply walking outside. In my writers guild club, we were to look around and become inspired by nature. Across the street from my school, I noticed a house with a red roof and was instantly drawn to it. The surroundings that added to the feel were the flock of birds floating above me and the dreamy wind that enveloped me with ideas. I hope that my poem is as inspiring to any readers as it is to me.