The Hull

A lone woman stands on a cliff so steep
to gaze below at the ocean deep
at waves that crash, with violence rend
she knows tonight her heart will meet its end

Not because her life tonight she'll take
but because of a lover she did once forsake
he is out on a ship, tonight in this storm
knowing soon his death, the sea will borne

For the winds they lash and water She heeds
with torrid despair and trembling needs
to capture young sailors locked in Her thrall
on a night like tonight, the Sea will be their all

For the Sea you see, She longs to seduce
young men to their deaths, before they deduce
that it's their souls She wants, their souls She'll take
and it's from Her bed they'll never wake

So on the cliffs tonight the lone lover doth stands
watching in horror as the Sea raised Her hands
for into Her depths did the Sea, She pull
the lone woman's heart.
yanked down by the hull

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