The Human Condition

Everything seems to remain the same but at the same time it's constantly being changed. And all this is perceived as self-inflicted pain, but really who is to blame?

Human weaknesses get exploited by the built up pressures of playing this game. Everyone may manifest them differently but the results are always the same.

We try and resist our triggers day after day as we know we must. But sooner or later the urges will surface breaking all trust.

Knowing it's right or wrong does not hinder the ability of human perseverance. Try and take back what this life has sequestered to keep up appearance.

What is it inside of us that allows this tragedy to continue? What drives this madness festering within me and in you?

We are so easily distracted when striving for our personal aspirations. As if our subconscious purposefully causes aberrations.

Ponder the thought of one's own mind secretly destroying itself from within. A self destruct button activated when we became self aware and full of sin.

A true yin and yang within each of us constantly fighting for total control. Both sides winning some battles but who will win the war over our soul.

Maybe we truly are only equal parts of good and evil. In a vicious constant battle fighting for our free will.

The effects of these experiences are what we perceive as reality. Knowing the difference of what's right and wrong is really a fallacy.

If there is a bit of truth to any of these seemingly blatant lies. I feel the human race has been tragically and perpetualy compromised.

Leaving only one real truth in our quest to survive. The existence of an internal eternal war in disguise.

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Just some thoughts on self preservation and self destruction coexisting in a harmonious deceitful reality