The human mind

The human mind, so free to wonder
leading to an explosive blunder
you speak your mind, and tell the truth
but then you find your life’s uncouth
The truth will hurt, so many say
But way down deep you know the way
A bond between a loving pair
A trust you hope, as fine as hair
The time together is spent in love
Your mind won’t wonder, about your dove
Your time apart, though needed dearly
Is where your mind can think most clearly
You think about where life might take you
In seek of treasure or a bit of pleasure
Across the country, on a job you’d go
Or travel the world, just to play in the snow
to meet that person that was meant to be
a life of freedom, is it really free?
And then you wonder about the past
The single hookups and the one’s that last
You wonder then if you were single
Knowing you’d be free to mingle
Resurrected feelings from the past
Just make you want to forget what last
But the thing about the human mind
And all the connections firing all of the time
No matter how blundered the mind may be
Our life together, it feels right to me
Across the country we may go
Discover the world together, you know
We wont let our minds make our destiny boo
Me and you babe, I know this is true..

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