The Human Race

We live in a snow globe,
A world of serenity and love,
We live in a shield of glass,
Containing beauty from above.
We live in a fixed reality,
A planet of life and meaning,
We live in an infinite universe,
Void of thought and feeling.

We live in a time of reflection,
A people repeating history,
We live in a broken democracy,
How we will survive is a mystery.
We live surrounded by people,
And yet only think of ourselves,
We scroll casually through life,
Moments are but dusty books on broken shelves.

We live alone in the dark,
Ignoring our rights to speak,
We live in a society of no hope,
The future is only bleak.
We live in houses of crumbling rock,
Where families are broken and shoved,
We live in dark and empty streets,
No longer recognised by those we once loved.

We live in a snow globe,
Often shaken and reformed,
The beauty that once was,
Has now been transformed.
We live in a snow globe,
Glass crumbling upon us,
Raining down from the skies,
And our job is now thus:
To save our spinning orb of blue,
To bring back the beauty we embrace,
We must accept and love each other,
In hope to save the Human Race.

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About the human race today.