The Hummingbird’s Song

The hummingbird sings a sweet melody.
I look for him in the late summer.
When the heat of the summer blows from the south,
We can see one of God's wonders approach us to fill their mouths.
For the sweetness of water and sugar drips from the flower as nectar,
And they use their long, needle-like beak sip and dip as they drink,
Providing them with energy and nourishment;
Sustaining them through the journey,
It sustains them and keeps them from falling in the so murky waters.
The flutter of their wings sings a monotonous song,
So smooth it makes you want to sleep very long.
But their beauty is none to surpass;
Their agility seems to forever last.
Quick as lightning, these birds are
Almost so small you can miss them all.
Let nothing happen to this small creature of God-
For without them, their beauty would be lost.

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