The Hunter of The day

By Aqus   

The hunter of the day prowls,
Amongst the grasslands he prowls,
Amidst the ever brown bales of hay,
He searches, searches for a meek weak prey,

The hunter's name is Tiger,
Some behead him stuff and hang,
While others prefer a picture,
Nonetheless he has become a creature whose name is sang

Some call him the hunter wise,
While others great strength,in small size,
Only little take his care,
While many in traps him ensnare,

Many like him for his hide,
While some like him as an animal brave,
Many kill him because of his mighty strides,
Only some think of him worthy enough to save,

Lets protect him with zeal,
Lets make all hunters feel,
Lets make free his space that is there,
Lets stop tiger hunting everywhere,
Lets announce it in the wind and air

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