The Huntsman

Sleeping beauty lies in wait for me
Hollow eyes of decayed past mistakes
all your sins are etched into your chest, like cheap ink
sentence fragments bleed into me as we touch
breathe your cyanide into me
intertwined we are locked
with silent screams within us
we exhale bourbon and ash
floor around us is littered with bones of our past victims
and broken diamonds filled with rotten snow
we explore each other further, deeper
all we find is pain and monsters
we become
a cheaply bound book
a scroll in flames
its my turn to sleep
incased in my gorgeous sleeping body
I look satisfied on bed of fine silk
yet i lie on razor wires
and within my resting facade the nightmares keep tearing at my soul
sleeping beauty rises ached and broken
runs, falls, crawls, claws away
far from the hunter never to reunite
I the hunter for today lie awaiting my savior
awaiting the night once again
where we are all hunted
where we all fall to someone
where we all fade away
where we are all foggy, faceless, fading memories, dreams, and toys

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