The Hurricane

Waves are roaring and pounding the beach.
A surfer's dream never to be.
Red flags snap against the wind
like crackling of a whip.
Winds bellow from Poseidon's mouth.
Today, is his day to sing his song.
Tides surge and wash ashore.
The sky has darken and thunder is heard.
Not long ago the sun was shining.
Day has turned into night.
Only flashes of light in the sky.
An ominous feeling comes upon you.
A sense of doom and nowhere to go.
Rain pelts and floods the streets.
Tidal waves push away anything in its way.
With sonic booms that deafen the ear,
Intense thunder echoes above.
Lightning strikes all around.
Flickering arcs that quickly fade.
Nature has released its unforgiving fury.
A wrath that many underestimate.
Wind and rain with Herculian strength.
Capable of washing property and lives away
with the undertow out to sea.
Only to wash up ashore as flotsam after the storm.

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