The I.R.O.N. Man- Part II

By Ez   

The I.R.O.N. Man
Part II
By Ez

Different and separated, to them is a stranger,
out of these lands, he walks as a lone ranger.
With no friends, he is rejected and beat,
with nowhere to turn, he stands to face the heat.
Nowhere to dwell, he faces the lonely desert,
with nowhere to heal, he shall always remain hurt.
Friends to him are a trouble to his soul,
they laugh and betray, and drag him down the black hole.
Dreaming of new life, he stands on the gleaming rock,
searching for their secrets, then only shall he mock.
Rebelling against light, he only works in the dark,
burning from the loss of sleep, he will leave his mark.
Running from the hope, he will stay loyal to the trickle of blood,
falling from the mountains, the hope shall on him release the flood.
Knowing their thoughts, he will crush the lighter flame,
ignoring their insults, knowing he will always be to blame.
Cut and ignored, his older life will never understand his dreams,
bruised and in pain, he will increase his deadly schemes.
Invisible and unknown he doesn’t care about the following light,
born in the day, but raised in the night, in darkness he only takes delight.
Brought up from the fallen, he tries to gain a place of honor,
but through the sweat, he slowly corrodes, only to be left a goner.
Ruined and afraid, he tries hiding his only secret,
bursting from his heart, the feelings he hasn’t felt yet.
A job built from sadness, he works only to calm his soul,
trying to stay tranquil, but slowly he starts to lose control.
A smile built from fear, he wears a mask to hide his emotions,
a body from confusion, he comes crashing in like many oceans.
His actions are pain, as if his soul is always broken,
his eyes are always shattered, the anger they have awoken.
The thoughts he believes start to torment his brain,
angered by his friends, he slowly goes insane.
A true one of the Generation he runs as the top one,
from being illicit, hatred towards him has begun.
As a renegade, he smiles at all their dealings,
as an outcast, he laughs at their feelings.
To them he is nothing, so against each other, he shall turn,
silently afraid of his deal, but to him, they act unconcerned.
A new seed he plants, for from that starts a new nation,
accepting the T.I.M., he is The I.R.O.N. Generation.

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