The I.R.O.N. Man- Part I

By Ez   

The I.R.O.N. Man
Part I
By Ez

From light to dark, he lives a secret life,
in the mind of his enemies, they suffer from his strife.
His sorrows so great none can understand,
drowning in his tears, he desperately searches for land.
As he sinks under, his friends laugh with glee,
but unknown to them the same fate they shall flee.
Lost in his pain, he slowly sinks underneath,
his anger boiling, wanting to be released from its sheath.
He blends only to be a backstabbing traitor,
he slowly breaks, only to be left a hater.
He draws his scars, but they are left ignored,
they think he does this only because he’s bored.
At night he moans in pain as if he’s dying,
during the day they ask, but he keeps on lying.
His eyes so dark, dread in their hearts it shall make,
they always blink, hoping from a dream they should awake.
His clothes so strange, they shall question his style,
always knowing their thoughts, yet they stay in denial.
A stone cold heart, confusion is his only career,
looking into the darkness, to him is like a mirror.
He slowly controls them, bending them to his will,
he rises up defeating them, now king of the hill.
His only true friends are those who are just like him,
the ones as dark and confusing, the true ones of T.I.M.
Burning those in their way, word spreads like a fire,
but he won't let them see, so he’ll continue to be a liar.
He looks a the wave of death, and his frown turns to a smile,
a challenge he takes, for it shall crumble as glass tile.
Facing death many times, he is used to hard times,
in unforgettable nights, he has created many crimes.
His light burns low, for his gaze absorbs the darkness,
his hands bursting in flames, only because he’s heartless.
Laughing is a joke because to him it ruins his soul,
smiling is a pain, for it makes him drop his role.
Neither bad nor good they don’t understand his ways,
confusion and fear is where his heart lays.
Sad and confused, he runs from his fears,
slowed and angered, he’s retained his anger for years.
A new generation is now his new clan,
For he is only just an I.R.O.N. Man

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