The Image Pursuit

Oh God don’t you see.

How could you not when you look at me.

A broken soul filled with pain.

My life nothing but a stain.

Your original creation whole.

But, I chose to flush that down the toilet bowl.

Everyday breaking further from you.

Fading fast like the morning dew.

They say I am in your image.

But, I feel my life is just a scrimmage.

Daily I fight with your love.

Yet, you still shine down from above.

Oh God can’t you see?

I’m a broken image with a broken plea.

I only want to be made whole again.

But, what can wholly break this chain?

I have not seen so I turn away.

Chasing sin falling into the fray.

My life becomes rotten why does this not work?

I seek the full image that I chose to shirk!

Eventually, I fall into the American Dream.

Forsaking you for this foolish scheme.

I seek wealth to fill this empty pit.

But in reality, that’s simply shit

For when the wealth is earned and objects are had.

Why does my life still feel so sad?

I remember a time when I sought.

Something that could not be bought

I hear a whisper deep inside.

It says “I love you now and have deep pride.

You are my creation yet you aren’t whole

Ye seek what you once knew in your soul.

In my image, you were created.

But, you chose sin and we were separated.

This image blemished

This image tarnished

You seek fulfillment from brokenness

Yet, fulfillment only comes from holiness

An image restored by Christ my son.

Who died on a cross so you wouldn’t run.

He rose again and conquered death.

So you could choose with your very breath.

To follow me.

Or continue life empty.

A restored image is what you seek

For you to reach this mountain peak.

A perfect image you once had

Will you accept my gift and be made glad?”

This whisper ends as tears flow

I know deep down you love me so

I choose to follow you

And take this image oh so true

The emptiness inside is filled

For I am whole the payment has been billed.

This final question I now ask

In his image will you choose to bask?

Or fractured and broken

Will you live life choking?

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is about a man who truly desires happiness. Throughout his life, he seeks to find fulfillment and tries to do this by seeking wealth and possession. He sees himself as too broken to be accepted by Christ and so he shuns the idea of ever coming to him. Eventually, Christ calls to him and tells him that the only way to truly be happy is to come to him in order to have the broken image that we are made in restored. The man realizes that no matter how much he has done wrong Christ will always accept him, he only needs to run to his arms. The poem ends with a challenge to the reader to consider that in their life they might be missing this and it is possible that they can come to fulfillment in Christ.