The impeccable beverage

The Impeccable Beverage

I never believed in magic until my lips touched the hot coffee, The dopamine and the epinephrine released in a jiffy is what makes this stand out from the rest.

The coffee bean being so intoxicating, often used in trials to smelling perfumes, The aroma is better than the first rains damping the soil, pure and subtle.

I am here with a responsibility on earth to be a people pleaser

Someone who has the ability to stitch back the broken souls with just a sip of me. And a beverage with an added burden of starting people's day with a rush of adrenaline, said the coffee.

A cup of coffee can wake up a dead in the morning with a fresh new start to their life You don't need a terrible mood or a bad day to awaken when you have a coffee

Coffee taught me, the more dark and intense you get, you'll be disliked by people, But most importantly, you'll be a bliss to a few too on the other hand

I speak to my Ristretto every morning and I just get one reply to all my questions, Just keep going. I'm there with you". The stronger and darker the beverage is The sound just keeps getting more louder.

I'm brought on earth with a purpose, and I shall fulfill it

I learnt I find my true self when I look inside the coffee mug with dark black Ristretto

-Sameer Sheth

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