The Imposter

Someone took over my dad recently,
an imposter, a leach and a fake,
try as I might I could not get him out,
but I knew he was there underneath.

At first, I was sad as I thought he was gone
and I mourned for him frozen by shock,
then came the anger that gripped me so tight
as I realized that humans are weak.

Next came the urge to fight for what’s right,
I would understand him not just attack,
I would fight for the memories, fight for this family
I just wanted my hero back.

Then one day it payed off, his defenses were down
and I saw him, behind the facade,
and with this came the hope that I needed so bad
although hope is as equally hard.

Tired of disparity I sat and I thought,
about whether id gotten it wrong?
Maybe this dad that I thought had arrived,
was not new, but just him, all along.

Reality sets In, I then question myself,
Our relationship risked, tossed aside.
Have I lived in dystopia, a bond indestructible?
Could it be me that has lied?

I now question my morals, my own goals and my life,
I’m worried that I have gone mad.
My sisters and mother look to me for some help,
but I’m drowning in hurt, pain and sad.

Your plan is to leave us as you are in love,
with a woman surrounded by risk,
you claim you are selfish, “this is the real me”.
A side to you, clearly, I have missed.

Instead of just leaving you’ve had ups and then downs,
You’ve dragged all that you know through the dirt.
As if family were faceless, expendable nothings,
did we deserve all of this hurt?

Now you have gone, and although time helps us heal,
we are scarred by your barbaric mess,
we can only look back and remember a time,
when each day wasn’t filled with distress.

Family is powerful, united as one,
but be careful the link does not break,
as when something is “missing” you leave open your doors
to an imposter, a leach or a fake.

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