The Indomitable Crew

There is a certain feeling you get
When your crew is behind you
There is a moment in time
That you find you're a perfect unit
You and your friends fight, battle, and hunt until the end
Sometimes the day gets dark
the hours seem endless
But it doesn't matter because you are relentless
Like an army walks in formation
You and your crew are a nation
It may seem strange
It may seem tough
But you and your buddies like the rough stuff
Even when the world has you in its clutches
You and your team will last through punches
Tomorrow isn't guaranteed, and life is short
But you and your team make living a sport
So this is a fact that never will change
When you and your crew get together anything is within range
No storm, no demon, no foe, can impact where you'll go
So stay together with your crew
And let whatever happens happen, and stay true to you.

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