The Influence of Parents

Mother, Father, I love you so
You help me live and watch me grow
It doesn't matter what you do
I will never stop loving you

Mother, Father, I don't understand
Something tells me this wasn't planned
Daddy hit Mommy and she can't get off the ground
It's been too long since she's made a sound

Mother, Father, please just stop
The fighting is scary, the neighbors called the cops
Daddy starts drinking just to relax
Mommy gets angry and I hear as she packs

Mother, Father, I really miss you
Please just tell me what I should do
This boy said he loves me and wants something bad
Where are the parents that I once had?

Mother, Father, I gave it away
I should've known he wouldn't stay
I really need someone to help me get by
But you're not there, so instead I get high

Mother, Father, a sip of a drink
Next thing I know it's filled to the brink
I don't remember what happened last night
But I'm so bruised now, maybe there was a fight

Mother, Father, my grades are falling
I miss you Daddy, why'd you stop calling
When you left, you said it wasn't my fault
My heart isn't beating, and has come to a halt

Mother, Father, I still love you
And I know that you still love me too
Life is getting harder
And I feel like a bother

Mother, Father, I'm almost grown
My skin has screamed through the stitches sewn
I know I scared you when you found me hanging
This wasn't the life for me you'd been planning

Mother, Father, look at me
An apple not too far from the tree
You paved the way and I followed behind
But is this what you had in mind?

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