The Innocent ScapeGoat

It might've been they´ve been filled with lies,
for the people that commit crimes,
a glass jar filled to the brim,
that can’t take more.

A life filled with daggers in the back,
porcupine spines in an individual.
Which can be aided by smoking crack,
leading some to be disgraceful.

A toxic personality,
a radioactive mess.
Created by no hospitality,
leading some to repress.

Is it that people are chosen evil?
Or is people are chosen by themselves?

Just like the people who are scrawnier,
affected by the environment.
Whose loved ones made them not brawnier,
leading them to be a tyrant.

Situated in circumstances,
The people can make the best of it,
Or the worst.

Nature versus nurture.
Eve and the serpent.

The sacrificial lamb
can easily,
turn into a scapegoat.

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