The Insolence

If only my brain could wrap around the insolence;
If only everyone wasn’t forced to practice vigilance.
If vandalizing a place of rest gives you pleasure,
what motives do you have and till what measure?
What can a man possibly get from disrespecting the dead?
They are gone but never forgotten and still must endure your delusional head.
If my brain could wrap around the hate you feel, it’s neurons wouldn’t reach both sides, for you and I are from starkly different kinds.
I am reared with reason, logic, and care.
You are corrupted with hate, deception, and a demented understanding of fair.
My brain wants to comprehend the place from which your express your mind,
but how could I ever if I understand the meaning of kind?
Your are arrogant and vacuous and nothing will ever be achieved.
Your actions tarnish the face of man with the beliefs you have conceived.
You think god wants to see your bloodied hands and bruised brother?
You don’t think that instead he’d wish to see a smiling mother?
Children are dying and the world is being destroyed,
How much will it take to fill your endless void?

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