The Invisible Girl

The girl sitting in the back of the class,

The one you never noticed.

She walks around school with her head down...

Avoiding confrontation and receiving no empathy.

They call her names,

They murder her reputation.

Character assassination that kills from your mouth, your mouth, from your mouth!

She wakes up hearing your words in her head:

You're ugly. You're fat. You're stupid.

They play on repeat like a broken stereo.

You did this to her,

You made her think the way she does.

She spends her time in front of the mirror mostly;

Critiquing and Criticizing.

Starting to skip meals one to, one to, one to 2 sometimes all 3.

No one notices.

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This Poems Story

This is the start to my new SLAM poem I am writing. The story has a sad beginning as shown from the first part of the poem, but will have a transition to a brighter outlook and hopefully will share some good advice