The Invisible Robber

The Invisible robber
They say he is in the streets but we cannot see Him
He is the invisible robber that had become our dread
Catching him is but grasping the thin air
But his grip is awfully clenching, his claw goes deep under the skin.
An assailant, firing bullets without pulling the trigger
His bullets are the tiniest ever known
Hits His quarry unannounced and unnoticed
Half a moon, his victim is down with ruinous infections
The inn of the departed had no place for guests
Our streets is but a skeleton of itself, devoid of activities.
Cause we are lockdown, held at gunpoint by this invisible robber
He had robbed off Brethren, and Plundered our wealth.
The Hospitals swells like the bloated stomach of a drunkard
Who will save us from this ravaging monster?
They say it you, you hold key to defeating this adversary
That had defied our sophisticated arsenals
So I lie prostrate appealing to you to please do your bit
Kindly play your role in this play titled
Defeating the invisible robber called Covid-19
Follow safety guidelines and stay safe that we may be saved

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