The Iridescence Of Prosperity

For years I viewed the world in black and white,
never to realize the severity of my own plight.
For I was the most powerful leader of my time,
never to realize that blindness was my own crime.
For years of ignorance shrouded my own soul,
never to realize the price of my own toll.
For my arrogance told me that I deserved true happiness,
that I needed something immense to honor my own greatness.
So I ordered every citizen to work in the underground quarry,
to make me the ring of a leader that knew no match in glory.
The ring was made from the most precious stones in the land,
and every governor came to honor the prestige of my band.
Then one day I saw a little girl near me at the bazaar,
she had her hand outstretched to me from afar.
A tear rolled down my cheek for the first time as a king,
because the little girl said to me "wait sir, you dropped your ring!"
The little girl was filthy, coughing with sickness, yet very calm,
and told me "I can't steal this ring because it would be a qualm!"
I cried like I never cried before, realizing that I was lost,
not even knowing how much true iridescence would cost.
I knelt down and smiled, looking at the little girl's face,
and closed her hand, giving the ring to her as a good grace.
The little girl peered up, asking "what should I do with this ring?"
"Keep it" I chimed, "for today you have shown me how to be a king!"
So I left in prosperity, leaving the little girl smiling with valor,
because for the first time in my life, I viewed the world in color.

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