The Irishman’s Prayer

My dear Lord I ask of you:
help me to be true,
to walk the path of a proud Irishman,
free from temptation and sin.
Help this whiskey to numb me back,
from all the hard labor that has left me a wreck.
Let not this whiskey numb my head,
and I forget all that I have said.
Be kind to me mother,
she did all that she could.
As for me poor father,
watch over him if you would.
To the devil's drink he has turned,
and he has lost all that he's earned.
To Kayla send my love to thee.
She took me heart and set me free.
Keep her safe from evil men,
for they'll corrupt her to a life of sin.
I prayed you now my dearest friend,
save me from this miserable end.
Let me go with the sound of thunder,
and not this terrible hunger.
For this is all I ask of you,
thank you and keep me true.

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