The Irony

I find it ironic how you make
me out to be the bad guy,
When you've done nothing
but steal my heart with no shame.
You take pride in knowing that
you're the only one my heart wants.
You've robbed me of my right to
ever be able to love anyone else.
You even went as far as
murdering my poor, unstable heart
to where I'd lie in
my grave loving you.
Never once, have I been the good guy.
Even though I haven't stolen
your heart in a bad sense,
I've swallowed my pride to satisfy you,
I've never robbed you of your right to love,
And last but not least,
I've never murdered your heart to the point
where you've been forced to die loving me.
Your heart should be as good as new.
I should be the good guy here.

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