The Irony

You left me here, so all alone
But you didn't think that I'd still be strong.
Your words and actions spoke loud and clear
But you didn't think I'd still be here.
You yelled and moaned and thought I'd move
But you didn't think I'd find my groove.
You hated when I danced so free,
Didn't you know you just tested me?
You came to despise when I would laugh
Because it brought out my better half.
All these things you blamed me for
Were just excuses to walk out that door.
You'd rather see me in misery
Instead of happy, loving and so carefree.
All those traits you loved in me at first
Became jealousy and brought out your worst.
You used to love when I smiled at others
But then you changed and tried to smother.
The best in me you took for granted -
I ended up so disenchanted.
Why did you finally end up hating
The fun things we did when we were first dating?
'Twas the color green that lit up your face -
Envy spiraled you into a very dark place.
The irony is that you inspired me to be
The total opposite of you that I clearly now see!

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This Poems Story

Lots of people can relate to being in a relationship where jealousy becomes all-consuming. It turns a special bond between people sour and stagnant. If we could only take the time to remember the small delicate things that made us fall in love with each other, a relationship could then stay strong and healthy. But all too often we get caught up in our own insecurities and possibly ruin something that was once happy and beautiful. - Poem published in "Patience & Grace" - Copyright 2011