The issues that lie among my dreams

The Issues that lie among my dreams
Where for I within my hungry heart’s desire
I come to take in that which has been lost among me
Uncovering knowings of the world buried in pages
These books are the forbidden fruit, not meant for me
But too delicious is the pulp! Too sweet is this flavor!
My books binded by hearts' desires draw me forth
Answering my call, I walk on a path shown to me
Weaved and winded through these soul’s roads drawn afoot
Lead me onward, down a forgotten path, to come onto salvation
Mystic pages of long lost years, your wisdom carries on
Through my veins will it flow, stirring me from within
I take on all forms for the hope to figure my own
Surrounded by the issue of these misinformants
To be discouraged among their false hopes
Lay me to rest or take my heart more further along!
Searching for the means to provide me good sleep
I stagger on towards an unknown section beyond my sight
Be it crevice or gold, know not do I, see to it shall I realize
While my lofty gazes lie in slumber from your eyes
May my gathered fortunes service me and carry on
Know not I why thee wake, but may my life overcome my dream

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Just writing out how I feel right now, in a library and tired