The Journey…

You wake up with a seed of a subtle thought.
You smile to yourself and indulge in its aura .
You are thrilled..You are excited...
Suddenly there is a gush of energy in the blood and heart beats faster.
It's a bright sunny day with magnificent rays of hope....
You decide to grow it into a splendid tree
You nourish it .You nourture it.
You lose no time to garner all that you can possibly .
There is hope,There is a dream but what's more is the passion to follow your dream.
Days pass and efforts double.
The urge to see a new leaf grows stronger.
The morning starts with meticulous planning and ends with its execution...
The checklists envelope the wall of thought now and meeting the target is utmost concern
You are overstretched...You are impatient...
Hope is being shadowed as you have started counting the fruits but the leaves are yet to mature.
In this hurry ,you have already trampled on the seed n it's bleeding
Keep up the hope alive...spirits high...passion unswerving...
But dont miss the FUN IN THE JOURNEY!!!!

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This Poems Story

Sometimes in the pursuit of the destination we forget to appreciate the journey .The poem tells destination is definitely worth it but its equally important to have fun in the journey.