The journey

I took a long drive under the dark sky,
though the wind blew harsh and left me black and blue
I needed to know whom to blame,
for every wrong I faced and for my every move
I have no destination as my wind is my storm,
my boat lost in the waters of the wild sea not so calm
I wish time moves slowly so I see my face in the water,
to reach the sky, seek the eternal truth that matters
If such a truth doesn't exist,
Such I never knew, I shall make my truth, live my rule
That life shall be like this,
life shall be boundless, a life without truth
For someone's day is someone's night,
and someone's wrong is someones right
My aimless wandering stops with my breath,
for I reach the stars or become a myth
I wish to drive forever underneath these stars,
not counting them one by one, but to find the last
Here I come, stars that I seek, I wish you were mine
for the night passes and you disappear with time
My sore muscles and my empty stomach,
doesn't bother me anymore in this journey in darkness
For destination is void, sang my stupid rhyme of love

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