The Journey

If there is one thing through life's journey that I’ve come to know along the way
It’s that persistence and happiness combined will create a meaningful day

Another thing I’ve come to know is that the world is an ever-changing place
One with trials and tribulations, along with successes to embrace
The biggest obstacle of course, having the ability to stay determined with an even-keeled pace

Something I know for sure is that my dreams stretch to indescribable spaces
For this reason I pray to have it be my heart, not my head, that constantly races
Allowing for my goals and dreams to coincide, and create magical places

My life is a quest to be enlightened and true
With knowledge and power together as well, to create a mighty crew

Keeping in mind the reasons that ignite your reason to strive
Is essential to allowing positive visions the ability to thrive
For when I remain in my heart is when I feel the most alive

I have an angel on my shoulder that guides my path
For she is ubiquitous; constantly whispering to me similarly to what I remember in the past

It is this angel that leads me through challenges that sure can be rocky
For this reason these drastic elements of life have no chance to stop me

What I want for my life is to be empowered by success
To build my life the way I envision it and inspire others to be their best

For people to build their dreams for the life they desire
And belief to show precedence over all, ensuring it is their dreams they are destined to acquire

I pray for tranquility and peace for all that struggle -
For light indeed, is at the end of the tunnel.

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