The journey

Congrats! It's a baby girl
Heavy heart, take me in hand.
Fake smile, but I smile back.

The child girl
Went to school, holding brother hand.
Some friends, finally! Shake my hand.
People hate, dark color of mine.
Parents concern, look of mine.

The teen girl
Know time, when to walk out the door.
The clothes which to wear, which to not.
Brother could date, but you are a girl.
Mother taught, some rules of girls.

The adult girl
Adjust to a new environment, where every step being watched.
Marry a prince, not the castle one.
He is not good nor the bad one.

The parent girl
yes! Happiest day has come.
A baby girl on my arm, Promise to take care of her smile.
Finally! The mother added to my name "Mile".

The Grand girl
Children surrounded, for my stories.
"The princess and the prince", my favorite line story.
As they grow, got busy with life.
I'm left alone, in a corner of life.

The death girl
Bless my children, move to heaven.
Lovely gesture, the god as given.
Told him! I want to reincarnate,
As a baby girl I used to be, again.

The baby girl
Crying in my mother's arms,
Pulling her nose out and eating her palm.
And here, I'm born in your home again.

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