The journey far from home

I sit here,
I try,
I try,
I try ,
I'm lost.

I fight all oppositions,
Its hopeless,
I stare at the night sky.
Far from home,
The clouds here are red,
With the lights at night.

I see one cloud in the shape of a heart,
Amongst the lies,
The deceitful words,
I hear from these vile,
Treacherous people,
That just fall flat.

I remember how earlier that day,
I thought of you,
Your face,
Your beautiful smile,
Your love,
That makes me feel so warm.

How i went to walk through a crowd,
It parted,
There was a path laid in front of me,
You cleared.
Most days i feel like i have been defeated,
Even though i know i haven't.
Just with how difficult things are.

Beneath the tough exterior of my face,
All i want is to feel tears well and be drained,
From my eyes,
To run down my face,
But the well ran dry a long time ago.
I cant even muster the strength to cry.

Then you show me something amazing like that.
To give me hope,
That i'm not fighting for nothing.
That maybe after everyone crosses the street to get outta my way,
That maybe,
Just maybe,
You will be there.
Waiting to rap your arms around me.

I can see that big ,
I want to press my lips agianst.
Kiss you,
Right there at the end of the path you laid before me.
Thank you,
You are appreciated.
Your words,
Which i believed everyone of and,
That smile,
Will keep me going.
Until i see you,
Silently crying without a tear.........

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