The Journey From Heaven

The Lord once had a journey from heaven,
To have a small, peaceful vacation.
He climbed upon cart numbered seven,
And quickly reached his destination.
Little did he know,That the beings below the blue;
Wouldn’t bow,Nor would they sew.
They were kindless, careless,cruel beasts;
Stained with hatred and feasted on the leasts’
They kill innocents,for money and fame;
And cheat the others,which is critically lame.
The sufferings of the poor,Made Lord wonder;
If he had to create,Lightning and thunder.
And down came rain,Along with fire;
Causing vain;And deaths higher.
But then Lord saw many souls,
Whose hearts were made of gold;
Who were opening out their doors,
For the weak, abundant roles.
It was then that Lord understood, That he assumed wrong;
He felt as if though,He bit a thong.
He felt uneasy,Of his cynical thought;
And drifted back,To his heavenly spot.
He then wrote in his book,As his hand shook;
That though men were cruel at the crust,
There was kindness, below the rust.

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