The Journey In Loving You

By Shana   

It’s those little moments in between, when the pain over comes your peace of mind.
When your sanity becomes a question, and your reality becomes a nightmare.
It’s those little moments through out the day, that squeezes the life out of your sails.
When your heart becomes heavy, like an anchor on chain, it gets hard to drag.
It’s those little moments that there is no air, breathing becomes difficult.
It’s when you think about it all, and you have given so many years.
So much time, wasted.
No value.
It’s those little moments you gaze in the mirror, and your vision becomes blurred.
When you see yourself unclearly, and you can not understand how you got here, but you’re here.
It’s those little moments you want to kick and scream, yell until the infection of the pain is gone.
When you want to kiss him, but also spit in his eye.
Words, can not be taken back.
The pain, the depth.
No respect.
It’s those little moments when your drowning, and your begging for his help.
When you realize the only one left standing there, is you, and you, yourself.
It’s those little moments when you may as well hold your own hand, and walk yourself forward.
With your head held high.
Your integrity intact.
Self worth.
Goes on.
It’s those little moments, when your mind just wanders, and you begin to feel like yourself again.
When swallowing life becomes a little easier, and the air begins to fill your sails again.
It’s those little moments we take day by day, minute by minute, one step at a time
That finds us healing
And on our way.
Yes you.
Because it is the journey in loving you.

Author: Shana Boulton

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This Poems Story

It is a poem about self preservation. Healing inner wounds.