The Journey Of A Breath

I awoke and took the first of breaths
with my little fresh, amphibian chest.
With eyes too weak to see the earth,
I inhaled it at my graceless birth.
Breaking free from womb and mould,
finally free, alone and whole.
I let it out, the first of breaths,
which led between my birth and death.
I drew again, to know of scents,
aromas, and odours so immense.
Each breath was drawn with such suspense,
to be dispensed with just more sense.
To think that I was unaware,
of all the things that make up air,
and that I only needed breathe,
and not believe or yet achieve.
It makes me shed a veteran sigh,
retrieved by heaving breast to sky.
I wonder when and how and why,
my chest will someday finally lie.
But what I know, is that I try,
to breath in deep until I die.
To take the world I cannot see,
and make it all a part of me
To draw it in and know it so,
when I finally let it go,
exhale, grow pale and cold as snow,
that though I then no longer breathe,
I've done it so I will not grieve

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